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    We will make sure your item before ship to FBA is in perfect condition. we organize everything for your shipment to save your time and cost.
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    Are you an Amazon Seller looking for a FBA shipping service to save you time and money? Look No Further!
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    Barcode Labelling
    Buying Co-ordinator
    EIN&VAT Registery

Services for Amazon FBA Sellers

With 6 years of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) shipping experience, FBA Forwarder offers FBA sellers customizable fulfillment preparation and freight forwarding services at the lowest cost and highest quality. We all have enough problems to deal with and so with service and quality this good, we ensure to only add value to you and your business.

About FBA Forwarder

Facus On FBA Shipment Door to Door Delivery

· Our focus is FBA Shipments with Door to Door Delivery
· Door to door delivery service from Chinese ports to the USA, Canada, Germany, France and Australia with both air and sea shipping service

· Cargo Inspection, Packaging & Labelling
· We act as an import agent for customers in need of US Tax ID or European VAT registration
· The experience to handle all customs declarations on both sides of shipment transfer
· We prepare all orders to meet Amazon’s packaging requirements prior to delivery
· We arrange all deliveries and appointments with all FBA centers.

How FBA Forwarder works


Amazon sellers can request their Chinese suppliers to deliver cargo to our process center (or we can arrange pick up.) We will then consolidate cargo and ship it out by courier, air freight or sea freight.

Of course, to reduce your costs, we will always recommend the most economical solution taking into account your delivery time requirements.

After we consolidate your cargo we will arrange and prepare all customs documentation including export and import permits, customs clearance at both ends, prepaid tax and duty, cargo pick-up, palleting, FBA appointment and delivery


Shipment Inspected,labeled and sent to Amazon

For SPD cargo we can help you by applying item labels, undertaking product inspection, changing packaging or taking photographs if the customer requests such a service.
Once your cargo is shipped out we will provide you with the tracking number and details of the tracking website so you can follow the whereabouts of  your shipment.